Would your company benefit from the regular delivery of information about the industry, allowing you to keep up to date with the latest projects?  MESCA™ members receive the following information / services allowing them to keep up to date with the latest news / projects:

  • MESCA™ Project Briefings are conducted by and for mining, mineral processing and energy companies and their suppliers at regular intervals from Townsville to Perth.  Informative speakers are engaged by MESCA™ to discuss current and imminent projects.  A networking session concludes all MESCA™ briefings.
  • Project Updates are a listing by category – Coal, Minerals, Energy & Infrastructure – of potential projects and are compiled for: Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria / Tasmania, South Australia / Northern Territory and Western Australia and are issued bi-annually, we also issue Project Updates for South East Asia.
    Click here to download a sample Project Update.

MESCA is a member of the Australian Industry Group

MESCA is part of the Australian Industry Group