Future Briefings

Genex Power : Kidston Pumped Storage Hydro Project ($750m)
Brisbane: 5 December 2017
Speaker : Simon Kidston, Executive Director

Simon Kidston has an investment banking background with more than 20 years global experience with groups such as Macquarie Bank, HSBC and Helmsec Global Capital. Simon is a co-founder and Executive Director of Genex Power, and has responsibility for project finance and business development. After successfully reaching financial close for the 50MW Kidston Solar Project, he is currently focused on securing funding arrangements with banks and equity partners for the 250MW Kidston Pumped Storage Hydro Project and the 270MW Kidston Solar Project.
Briefing invitation will be issued early November 2017



Past Briefings

RDA Pty Ltd : Pentland Bio-Energy Briefing
Townsville: 2 November 2016
Speaker : Tony D'Alessandro, Managing Director

Tony D'Alessandro, Managing Director of Renewable Developments Australia Pty Ltd (RDA) provided an update on the Pentland Bio-Energy Project which has been the focus of RDA’s activities. RDA is currently focusing their expertise on the planning and development of the Pentland Bio-Energy Project.
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Sheffield Resources : Thunderbird Project Summary & Opportunities
Perth  :  2 June 2016
Speaker : Jim Nettlefield, Project Manager

Jim and his team provided an overview of the Thurndebird HMS Project, the requirements and imiinng surrounding the project which is located near Derby in the Canning Basin of North West Australia.
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Rio Tinto : Amrun Bauxite Project 
Brisbane  :  10 March 2016
Speaker : Amrun Bauxite Project Team

The team outlined the projects' scope and timelines associated with the Amrun Bauxite Project. Production and shipping are expected to commence in the first half of 2019 with the majority of capital expenditure scheduled for 2017 and 2018.

Rio Tinto have declined to publish their presentations on the MESCA website.  However they have provided the following links which may be of some assistance to you.   

·         Rio Tinto Amrun Project website
·         Amrun Project Local and Indigenous Participation strategy
·         Amrun Project ICN Gateway webpage  


Broadspectrum Briefing
Brisbane  :   5 May 2016     
Darwin  :     17 March 2016  
Perth  :        25 February 2016
Melbourne: 18 February 2016     

An overview of the company's structure their business and operations processes and featured sub-contract and procurement procedures as well as project scopes and supply opportunities.
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