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Bureau Veritas Australia Pty Ltd -
ph. 02 4902 4800
99 Mitchell Road
Coal Mining (Surface), Metalliferous (Surface), Mineral & Coal Processing, Energy, Oil & Gas, Coal Mining (Underground), Metalliferous (Underground), Engineering, Procurement, Project Management, Engineering, Construction and Design Services, Environment, Maintenance, Repair and Operation, Professional Services, Training etc
McLanahan Corporation - NSW
ph. 02 4924 8248
27 Kalinya Close
Mineral & Coal Processing, Engineering, Construction and Design Services, Fabrication, Maintenance, Repair, Maintenance, Repair and Operation, Equipment & Machinery, Export Capable

CompanyCoal Mining (Surface)Coal Mining (Underground)Metalliferous (Surface)Metalliferous (Underground)Mineral & Coal ProcessingEnergyOil & GasEngineering, Procurement, Project ManagementContract MiningEngineering, Construction and Design ServicesSite Infrastructure Development & ManagementMaterials HandlingFabrication, Maintenance, RepairEnvironmentWater Management Equipment & SuppliesMaintenance, Repair and OperationEquipment & MachineryFluid Supply & ManagementPower / Electric SolutionsRail SystemsTransport & LogisticsSoftwareCommunications & TechnologyResearch & DevelopmentSafety Systems & ServicesProfessional Services, Training etcRecruitment SpecialistsExport Capable
Bureau Veritas Australia Pty Ltd - X X X X X X X X   X     X   X           X   
McLanahan Corporation - NSW     X      X    X    X X            X

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