Battery of the North wins Federal funds

A huge project potentially comprising solar, wind, pumped hydro and a hydrogen electrolyser in north Queensland has been touted as a potential “battery of the north”.

Renew Economy is reporting that Renewable Energy Partners has been given $2 million in funds from the Coalition government to advance a feasibility study into a project that would combine 1.5GW of pumped hydro, with seven hours storage, along with up to 1.3GW of solar PV, 800MW of wind energy and a 200MW hydrogen electrolyser, fuelled by the green energy sources.

The Urannah Renewable Energy Hub would be combined with the Urannah Water Scheme, a proposed 1,500GL dam and water distribution network that has been “on the cards” for several decades, and would be located between Collinsville, Mackay and Proserpine.

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