METS companies keen to engage in India

The Mining Equipment, Technology and Services (METS) sector from Australia is ardent on establishing a partnership with Indian companies from energy and resources sectors, but they want a certain and continuous form in the policy framework. 

The Four Point Play is reporting Tim Beresford, Deputy CEO, Global Client Services, Australian Trade, and Investment Commission has claimed a whopping number of 40 METS companies from Australia are already working with India and nearly 13 more companies are looking for an opportunity to establish their base, collaborate and support the growth of industries in India.

The Australian companies are open to all forms of collaboration, collaboration could be by way of a joint venture, could be a partnership arrangement, minority shareholder stakes or contractual relationship. 

He also claimed India is a rich country with rich geographical resources and it is very important that they set up favorable policies and regulations with good governance, which would allow certain investors to analyze and make a judgment whether or not to be involved in the business sector. Read the full story 

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