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MESCA is playing a leading role in ensuring the skills of the mining and energy sector workforce is evolving to meet future needs, and more urgently, the needs in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

To that end, we are collecting feedback on a number of areas to relay back to decision makers at all levels of Government and training providers.

We would welcome your insights in the following areas:

  1. Minimum requirements for employers to employ staff quickly in essential roles, including pre-assessment checks and aptitude assessments
  2. Existing training products that could be used to deliver needed skills quickly, even outside of the Training Package requirements
  3. Skills products gaps and proposed solutions to address them.

In addition, specifically in relation to COVID-19, it would be useful to gain insights on:

  1. Specific jobs which are being impacted or are in decline
  2. Upcoming job opportunities, skills and attributes required for these roles
  3. Where investment in skilling should be directed ?(e.g. what cluster of units of competency would enable a displaced worker group to cross-skill to fill an emerging workforce need)
  4. What digital literacy/ IT training is required to assist businesses to establish/improve their online presence and build/maintain their business and how should it be delivered?).

To share insights or for more information contact MESCA National Manager Steve Zeppa

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